1. All dogs must be fully vaccinated. (Rabies, distemper; parvo)
  2. No shaving double coated breeds under ½"
  3. No dogs in heat are allowed in our facility.
  4. No grooming dogs that are pregnant as it can stress out the mother and cause issues.
  5. Matted dogs will not be bathed. A Full Service Grooming appointment will need to be made to properly address the mats.
  6. No dogs with ticks or fleas! Dogs will be sent home immediately!
  7. We do not offer tick or flea treatments.
  8. Starting January 2022, all grooming appointments will require $25 down to secure grooming spot due to too many no-shows.
  9. Cancellation- You must cancel at least 24 hours in advance, so we can fill your spot. Anyone who does not give notice will not receive their $25 deposit back.
  10. Handling fee applies to unruly dogs that require 2 handlers. $10+

Pickup Policy

Due to lack of kennel space and to keep a relaxed environment, dogs must be picked up within 30 minutes of being called by a Dog Spaw employee.

There will be a $20 late fee if you do not show up within the 30 minute time allowance and then a $10 daycare fee for every 30 minute increment after.

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