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$18 - The DIY Wash

The DIY Wash

Leave the mess with us!
Includes full use of our tubs, shampoo system, brushes, toothbrush and toothpaste, ear cleaner, towels, and pet dryers.

Starting at $55 - Grooming


Includes a pre-groom consult with your groomer, bath, dry, brush out, haircut/style, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, nail trim, sanitary and paw care, and anal glands upon request.

$35 - Drop-off Bath Package

Drop-off Bath Package

Drop your dog with our trusted staff and pick up when your dog is ready. Includes a bath, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, and teeth cleaning by one of our bathers. You must pick-up your dog when it is done, no kennel services.



  • Specialty shampoos: hypo, anti itch, deep clean, whitening, color enhance.
  • Conditioning Treatment $5-$10
  • Nail Polish
  • Powdicure Treatment
Deshedding Add-On

Deshedding Add-On

Price depends on size and coat thickness. For those extra furry friends we offer a de-shed service that includes extra brushing and a special blowout technique partnered with deshedding shampoo and conditioner targeting the undercoat. De-sheds cannot be performed during peak hours.

The Dog Spaw provides you with a unique DIY wash experience. Take the hassle out of washing your dog at home... and avoid cleaning up the after-wash mess! No more chasing your dog around the yard. No more bathrooms covered in dog hair. We have everything you need to get your dog clean, dry, and smelling fresh, and then we clean up the mess!

Our system utilizes water, air, organic shampoo, and organic conditioner. Rid your dog's coat of oils, dirt, dead hair, and "stinky dog" odor. Use our oversize tubs, dryers, shampoo, brushes, and grooming tools.

Had a fun weekend with your dog at the lake? Camping? Playing in the desert?

Stop by on the way home and the leave the grime and dog odor with us!

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DogSpaw photo
DogSpaw photo